Last month I joined an IG giveaway. It was a post-valentines giveaway from Mr. Adrian Benipayo, Love Desserts Triple Date Contest. It was a collaboration with McDonald’s Philippines. For the love of McDo I tried and joined the contest. Here is my entry:


This post made it! I won!!! I was so excited that I replied as soon as I got their email. My original plan is to treat my 4 sissies and my mom for a post-valentine treat, but due to their busy schedules I get to bring with me my prettiest sissy –  Anni, (sorry girls! haha), my mom, my nephew, hubby, and my 2 kids.

I chose to claim my McDonald’s triple date at their Greenbelt Branch. When I arrived this is what greeted me.


Isn’t it so sweet? The personalized greeting was so cute, I even brought it home. 20160302_140759

After awhile our food was served. Of course! With their latest #McDoLoveDesserts

  • Red Velvet McFloat
  • Strawberry Kiss Oreo
  • Choc Nut McDip


My family surely enjoyed my post-valentines day treat! Definitely a #LoveKoTo Moment.


I would like to thank the persons who made this day possible:

To Mr. Adrian Benipayo@adrianbenipayo
To Miss Elise of EON @elisemaog
To Sir JM of McDonald’s Greenbelt


How about you mommies, you got any #McDoLoveDesserts Moment? Comment down and share.