Workshop Alert: Monetizing on Video as a Platform

Getting curious on why many are creating their YouTube Channels? What do they get from posting their videos? Is it just a Hobby? Or is it Potential Income?

Wonder if you can be one of them? Are you a parent who likes toys or do you have kids who love toys? Are you a teen who loves make up? new wardrobe? Or are you a game enthusiast who knows tricks on how to finish a new game?

JOIN US and LEARN more about YouTube!

1. Understanding the Content Landscape
2. Creating a Successful Content Strategy
3. Testimony: A YouTuber Creator’s Journey
4. Monetizing YouTube
5. ACTIVITY: Come up with a YouTube Channel idea



Head, Digital Media Services at ABS-CBN Corporation

Dennis is a new media professional with a 15 year career track and outstanding record of accomplishment for providing digital and online strategies that meet the ever changing digital landscape. He is an expert in developing end to end video on demand and IPTV solutions with a demonstrated ability manage a successful online video streaming service.

Previously held positions:
ο‚· Usability and HTML Head – Big Dipper, Inc. (3 year 8 months)
ο‚· Head of Video Operations – ABS-CBN Interactive, Inc. (4 years)
ο‚· Head, Online and Video Operations – ABS-CBN Interactive, Inc. (3 years 8 months)
ο‚· Head of Operations – ABS-CBN Interactive (2 years 3 months)

His specializations include: Digital Media, Online Advertising, Digital Marketing, Mobile Devices, Digital Strategy, Content Strategy, SEO, Online Video Strategy, Business Strategy and Web Content.

Experiences Gained
ο‚· Expert in daily production and publishing work with service level agreements on quality, efficiency and speed of delivery.
ο‚· YouTube certified expert in Audience Growth and Channel Strategy
ο‚· YouTube ContentID specialist
ο‚· Expert on transcoding systems and management for VOD and Live stream services
ο‚· Expert in Online Video Platform services and integration
ο‚· Expert in digital video publishing to online, mobile and IPTV systems.
ο‚· Experience in managing DoubleClick For Publishers for online ad management.
ο‚· Experience on Content Delivery Network management
ο‚· Experience on Customer support systems
ο‚· Experience on Usability and functional testing methodologies and tools
ο‚· Previous experience with web design and HTML coding.


WHEN: April 1, 2017 | 1PM-5PM
WHERE: Pen Brothers, Makati City


Regular Rate: P1,500
Bring-a-Buddy Reg Rate: P2,500

Veni – | 09272816651

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