Nutri 10 Plus: Taller and more active Raix!

Fifteen years ago I became a mom to my eldest daughter. As a teenage mom I really have no idea what is the best for my daughter. One of the many things I had trouble with was deciding what vitamins should I choose for her. I asked my mom what she gave me before but some of it are no longer in stores that time. I thought “This is gonna be tough.” BUT, we get to give her a multivitamin that she liked and became ‘hiyang’ with it. And it went well with my second daughter too. They are active, smart and their height was just right for their age.

10 years later, I gave birth to my youngest and only boy. 🙂 He was so much different from the girls. He was very active, noisy and picky especially with his vitamins. I thought maybe when he’s a year old he can drink his vitamins without me mixing it with his milk. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I’ve tried a couple of vitamins but he really doesn’t like the taste. I even need to hide from him, so that I can mix his vitamins in his bottle of milk. If I get caught, he will never drink his milk meaning no vitamins for him that day. 😦 Skipping vitamins means being prone to sickness. A big NO-No to moms, right?

Luckily, we were given a chance to try this new vitamin, Nutri10 Plus. At first I thought Raix will ignore it, but as soon as it arrived he became really interested and was eager to try it! I don’t know if it was because of it’s packaging’s bright color or just simply because it was new. He tried it and WOW! he definitely LIKED it!!! I was really surprised and checked what made it so yummy to him that he even wants another spoonful!


Our first 3 bottles of Nutri10 Plus. Thank you Wert Philippines

Read below to see what you can get with just a spoonful of Nutri10 Plus.


Can you imagine that?! All of these in just a single bottle! No need to have your kid drink 2 -3 different kinds of vitamins a day just to get all the vitamins and minerals indicated above. PLUS it’s yummy PONKAN Flavor will definitely lessen your stress in thinking of ways how to make your child take his vitamins.


The very first vitamins he LOVED! 🙂

It’s been a month since we started taking Nutri10 Plus, and the changes are all visible. On his first 2 days taking this his appetite was GRABE! He just had lunch, after an hour he wants to have another round of lunch. And his milk, I started to limit it to drinking only on mornings and before going to sleep, but now, he is asking for more rounds of milk even in the afternoon. Plus, a few merienda on the side, biscuits, chocolate drink, bread or cupcake. WHOA! That really is an appetite. 😉


Next that we noticed was him being MORE ACTIVE , MORE ENERGETIC, MORE IMAGINATIVE!  He is now active at school, wants to practice writing more and is no longer complaining that he’s tired already. Yup! He easily gets tired before. Hehe. Increased appetite although I don’t have difficulty in feeding him before, it’s just that before there are times that he doesn’t like to eat rice in a day. Another PLUS is that he is more creative and imaginative when playing. Especially that he plays by himself most of the time because everybody around him is busy with work and other stuff. But I admire him as I watch him play and be like a gardener for today and a robot tomorrow.

Above are just a few pics of him at school and at home. Active in studying, playing and eating. 😀

Another good thing I noticed is that since he started taking Nutri10 Plus is that he now has stronger immune system. He didn’t catch any colds or flu yet and never had fever since we started taking this. Now that will definitely be a PLUS and a good relief to moms everywhere.

We are definitely sticking with Nutri10 Plus as his buddy for years. To aid him to become MORE AKTIBO’T MALAKAS!

To mommies out there who are having a hard time with feeding time or with drinking vitamins or if your child seems to be lifeless and inactive at school, why not try this. You’ll definitely love it. Feel free to share and comment below your experience with Nutri10 Plus.

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